My camera arrived yesterday afternoon (literally about ninety seconds after I’d confided in my roommate that I had begrudgingly accepted the camera would not arrive until today), and I unabashedly tore into the packaging with the ferocity of a six-year-old on Christmas morning.

And I was not disappointed. She is a thing of beauty and elegance. We’re going to elope ASAP.

Unfortunately, it was really stormy yesterday, and while I had a wonderful walk in the rain hiding under a frilly pink umbrella and shrieking with pleasure at the lighting, it was not the ideal afternoon for me to take the camera out for a spin.

But this morning it was hazy and sunny and lovely so I took the camera out with my 50mm f1.8 for about 45 minutes before class–

Dirt Lines-1 Dirt Lines-2

Yeah, pretty gorgeous. The focus is so easy to set on this, and I really enjoyed playing with the different effects I could get at different apertures (mostly f1.8-f6 today). I did have a little trouble getting good composition AND good focus in the same shot, so I need to remember to take 30 of everything instead of just 5 or 10.

What I really enjoyed, though was the ability to get stylistic blurs in the background that I could actually see on the LCD. I learned from a friend today that this is called bokeh. And I really really like bokeh.

Artsy Flowers-1 Artsy Flowers-2 Artsy Flowers-3 Artsy Flowers-4

Flower season is just about over here, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot them again before they’re all gone and I move back to the desert and everyone is like “greenery? flowers? you mean those things on TV?”. 

Ha, who’m I kidding? I just bought a 5D Mark II and I’m a college senior with two weeks of school left. I’m not going to be doing anything besides taking pictures and playing video games.



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