ImageAfter my first adventure with my new camera, a friend of mine mentioned one of the photos had “nice bokeh.” I since learned bokeh is the intentional blurring of background for aesthetic effect, and decided to play with it. Flowers at dusk on a windy stormy day were a great subject matter.

The breeze also made for some interesting lines and warping and motion blurs.



I’m still blown away by shooting f/1.8 on the 5D. The shallowness of the depth of field is just stunning.


And of course sparkly lights are always lovely.




5 thoughts on “Bokeh

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  2. Gorgeous photos you have on your blog very inspiring =) ! i have a random question because you are also using a canon 5d mark ii and i didnt know how to write you other wise. But my 5d ii has been taking white pictures but only when its not in liveview i was curious if you knew what was wrong with it or had an idea?

    • Hunh, that is strange. I know mine won’t refocus in live view but has never given me trouble actually taking a photo. Have you tried restoring factory settings?

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